Curb Service - Yard Staging

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Curb Service is our unique yard staging solution that brings exceptional curb appeal and increased visual value to your home for potential buyers. Have you ever eaten a cake that had no icing? Something just feels missing - incomplete. Yard staging is the icing on the cake. We wrap your home in deliciousness.

A well-staged yard is the difference to selling your home at its highest possible price.  We know what it takes to create the best first impression. Our professional Curb Service architects are ready to meet with you, and stage your home above all the competition! . Contact us today to get your home ready to sell.

Stage your yard to sell

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    "When nature becomes art"

    Professional landscaping can be the difference between selling under list and selling over list.
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    "Dress up your home with flowers"

    Every great garden deserves one of these seats.
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    "Indoor and Outdoor Staging"

    A great way to show off the beauty of orchids!
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    "Just look out the window"

    This the view you would have to suffer with if you owned my Cordley Lake Rd listing.

"If you are looking for an expert, and a really great guy, give Jeff a call."